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Who Is Brad Sumrok 

After 17 years in the corporate "Rat-Race", in 2002 Brad started as a Real Estate Investor with absolutely no previous investing experience. After just 3 short years, he retired from his corporate job at Age 38 with over $1,000,000 PROFIT from his first 2 Apartment Deals. Since then he has been Mentoring People Just Like You Earn Double Digit Returns and Retiring Early by Investing in Apartments.

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Apartment Investor Training 

July 21st & 22nd, 2018 (8am - 6pm)

Brad will be conducting his next Weekend Training Event "Rat-Race 2 Retirement" July 21st & 22nd, 2018 in the DFW, TX Area. During this Event, Brad will teach the Proven Steps that have enabled him and so many others to Earn Double Digits and Retire in 5 Years or Less.  

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"In Less Than 10 Months, Brad Helped Us By a 32-unit Property that puts $3,000 a month into  our pocket. Our retirement is more secure".  


Ken and Phyllis Salverson 

"Within 12 months with  Brad as my Mentor, my monthly cash flow is over $7,000. Brad has enabled us to live on  our own terms". 

Cheryl and Andrew Patton 

"In just over 18 months, we made $426,000 PROFIT from buying, improving, managing & selling a 61-unit Property. Brad walked  us through step-by-step"

Raje and Raj Guntnur


"14 Months after taking Brad's training and following his Mentoring, I raised $750,000 and purchased a 90-unit Property. And I started with no previous experience."

Aaron Katz and Maria Barber Katz

Tom Lafferty and Brad"6 months after joining Brad's Program, I raised over $350,000 and closed on  this 32-unit  Property. This was my first real estate investment ever, and I would have NEVER done this without Brad".

Tom Lafferty

"I have placed over 40 multifamily loans for Brad's Students. He walks them through the process step-by-step. Brad is the go-to Mentor for Apartment Investors."

Paul Peebles

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